Our Services

A/C repair and maintenance

Charge system and leak check. Compressors, condensers, cooling fans, blowers, heaters and electrical issues

Brake check and repair

Brake pads, shoes, rotors, drums, calipers, wheel cylinders, boosters, master cylinders, bleeding system and adjusting system, "ABS" light, systems check and sensors replaced

Cooling systems

Radiators: flush or replace, water pumps, hoses, overheating repair, belts and antifreeze replaced

Differential / Driveline repair

Front/rear drive axles, CV joints, U-joints, bearings and seals

Electric / Electronic systems

Battery, alternators, starters - test and replacement, electrical wiring - test and repair

Engine diagnostic and repairĀ 

Tune-ups, spark plugs, coils, air filters, fuel system, air induction, cleaning services. Check engine light diagnostics

Front and rear suspension

Ball joints, control arms, shocks and struts, wheel bearings and hub replacement, sway bar bushings and links


Power steering pumps, rack and pinion gear, tie rod end, idler and pitman arm (replacement, adjustment, service)

Fuel injection systems

Fuel injectors, accelerator/throttle/air flow sensors, throttle body, fuel pumps,fuel filters, fuel tank (clean/replacement services)


Test, clean or replace terminals, cables (service and replace). Interstate batteries are available for purchase.

Oxygen sensors

Catalytic converter, performance check

Oil and filter change

Synthetic, synthetic-blend or conventional oils, top quality oil filters, fluids/belts/hoses checked for wear and recommended replacement

Shocks and struts


Starting and charging systems

New starters and alternators, circuits/relays/wiring check and repair


Rotation and pressure sensor check, low tire light

Transmission Service

Fluid and filter replacement, flush maintenance

Tow service available

For your convenience, we can call a tow service to assist you

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